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About us

Our history

Born in 1994, Handball de Jonc's main goal is sport and personal growth and formation. Always guaranteeing sport as a human value promoting the effort's culture by never giving up, this way we obtain the desired results. We are the club with more titles in the Balearic Handball



Management Board

From left to right:

Treasurer: Marc Flores

Member: Román Rodriguez

Member: Jordi Magrinyá

Chairman: Jesús Barrios

Vice Chairman: Elena Rodríguez

Secretary: Helena Moyà

Member: Mireia Planells

Member: Tomeu Tomàs

Member: Xavier Bover

En la cancha de balonmano

Facilities Sponsor

There are may ways of helping Handball Mata de Jonc through sponsors. We are flexible with our sponsors and we help them to find the option that fits better with your free time and budget. If you would like to become an sponsor of the facilities contact us today and find out in wich way you can help our club.

tiro de balonmano y defensa

Team Sponsor

When you decide to become a Team Sponsor, you do not only help Handball Mata de Jonc, but also your corporation or organization. Increase your brand's visibility and recognition becoming an official sponsor. Let your message reach a larger audience and increase the reach of your business while helping your community.


Contact us

c/ Son Espanyolet, núm. 49  -  07014 - Palma


NIF: G07852346